Oct 16th RIPE 730 is a new edition of the address space allocation policy. What has changed?

On October 10, 2019, a new IPv4 address space allocation policy, RIPE 730, was published on the RIPE NCC website.  What important changes have occurred regarding RIPE-725 from 30.07.2019, the previous version of the policy? Significant changes were made to paragraphs 5.1.- 5.1.bis, 5.3, 6.1.: Previously PP. 5.1.- 5.1.bis it has been determined ... Read More »

Oct 11th Fragmentation is the" nuclear problem " of the Internet

Fragmentation is the" nuclear problem " of the Internet. This was stated today at the discussions of the Internet governance Forum N2 by the Director of the European Bureau of the Internet community Frederick Donk. According to him, the Internet is now a repository of public issues, which gets completely different information, including fake.In ... Read More »